"Wait, what are perfume oils?!"

I started tell a few friends about the wonderful world of possibilities and varieties I've discovered in perfume oils before they stopped me in my tracks: "Wait, what are perfume oils?"

So this blog post is for you, my friends!


Perfume oils in context

Perfume oils, also known as fragrance oils or aromatic oils, are the key ingredients of all fragrances.

They are the concentrated essence which are responsible for the aroma given off in perfumes.

In perfume sprays the oils are mixed in with alcohol, distilled water and other variable ingredients which "carry" the oils.

As a result perfume oils are alcohol free, concentrated and non-volatile*. So they project better and permit perfume lovers to enjoy they're fravourite notes for longer!

*non-volitile: does not easily evaporate into a gas, so maintains it's structure for longer.


Types of perfume oils

  • Synthethic perfume oils

  • Natural perfume oils

Both types are created in a laboratory as this is essential to giving them their longer lasting properties. So what's the difference?

Synthetic perfume oils are created from compounds which do not exist in nature. This is sometimes essential to infuse certain ingredients that do not appear in nature. For example, the ozonic note in Mood Seasons' Multi-Millionaire or Musk notes in Mountain Peak or Poison Berries.

Natural pefume oils are created from isolated natural components. Some plants in nature do not produce oils naturally and creating them in this way is necessary to effectively extract oils from them. For example apples in Me Myself & I.

Although they are not made with alcohol, due to how they are made, the scents of different alcohol can be used to create a particular scent experience. As seen in Sensually orchid which includes a note of the scent of rum.

Perfume oils have come a long way since being one single identitified ingredient. Or being either synthetic or natural.

They are a sweet-smelling blend displaying dynamic layers as part of an aromatic experience.

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