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🍇 Introducing "Poison Berries": A Dark Elixir of Allure! 🍇

Prepare to be ensnared by the captivating allure of "Poison Berries," a fragrance that weaves a tale of dark enchantment with every whiff.


🥀 Sinister Florals and Bewitching Berries: Imagine a garden shrouded in mystery, where sinister florals bloom alongside bewitching berries. It's a scent that lures you into its depths, leaving you spellbound by its enigmatic charm.


🌿 Twisted Woods and Spiced Amber: As the fragrance evolves, twisted woods and spiced amber emerge, adding a layer of depth and complexity. It's like a journey through an enchanted forest, where every step unveils a new layer of intrigue.


🔮 A Hint of Citrus Sorcery: Just a hint of citrus sorcery dances in the background, adding a touch of brightness to the dark elixir. It's a tantalizing contrast that keeps you under its spell.

"Poison Berries" is not for the faint of heart. It's for the daring, the bold, and those who revel in the mysteries of the night. Let it be your secret weapon, your signature scent that leaves a lingering trail of allure.


🫣 Top Notes: Bewitching Berries, Citrus Sorcery

🌹 Middle Notes: Sinister Florals

🌳 Base Notes: Twisted Woods, Spiced Amber


Embrace the darkness, embrace the allure, and let "Poison Berries" be your potion of choice.



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Poison Berries - Perfume

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