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Vanilla and Tobacco unite in a fragrance symphony, crafting an authentic and captivating journey for your senses. Prepare for a sensory adventure from the very first spritz.

Imagine a spicy opening, where tobacco takes the stage, delivering an initial kick that wakes up your senses. But fear not, vanilla steps in to play its soothing role, ensuring a harmonious balance throughout the fragrance experience.

And there's more to this olfactory masterpiece – the addition of Cacao and Tonka bean introduces an extra layer of smoothness with a hint of fruity woodiness, keeping you grounded even as you soar into the world of scents.

But a word of caution: Mood Seasons accepts no responsibility for the aromatic chaos you'll leave in your wake. Embrace the scent journey, and let your fragrance speak volumes!

Van Bacco - Perfume Oil