The imaginative World of Scents

One of the most overlooked forms of expression is that of smell.

A particular scent can represent a specific memory, a recollection of ideas, emotion as well as a thought of things to come. A combination of certain fragrance notes can create an overall picture, comprising of both the subtle and, sometimes over expressive but, pleasant inclinations of how one feels – or even wants to.

Feelings and emotions are dynamic and can fluctuate with each moment in time. Science and nature has been kind to us, so much so, that the very essence of fragrances and how they interact individually as well as with each other, express this emotional dynamism. Each fragrance note either representing a feeling on its own merit, as you see with most essential oils, or as a team player in an army of various tones as in perfume oils.

The Oud Agarwood notes of "Alien", attempt to create a deep sensual remittance of an outer body experience, whereas the fruity citrus display of top notes in "Citrus splash" aim to create an outgoing and "happy-fun" feel!

Scents are a beautiful expression of ourselves, both in what we actually are, as well as what we envision ourselves to be. Whether you are choosing a scent for an occasion, based on the weather, how you are feeling, or even perhaps based on a description; there is no right or wrong way of making a choice.

Mood Seasons aims to cater to this minute detail - encouraging you to simply go with how you feel.

"You are what you wear," and this is no different when it comes to fragrances

There is a "Mood" for everyone – which one of ours best describes you?

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